A short trip to Kasol

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After a mind rustling month of work and tensions, sleepless nights and loading project culture it was time to give my soul some peace and bestow my mind some relief. Considering a short span to spend in bliss, I chose Kasol, mini Israel in Himachal Pradesh to endeavour my serene juncture because of its short distance from Delhi, approx 527 km which makes one get the most of Kasol than travelling too much. Along with the distance consideration, a Delhite would anyday be more interested in cold places, I guess, when the temp prevailing in month of October is 30 degrees in Delhi.
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Another must have for my fun filled travelling experience to Kasol was ready as well, my travel buddy.
I certainly made a right choice to pack my bags and maneuver to Kasol which had a weather much more suitable for my broiling body and I admitted it as and when I stepped in Kasol. My friend & I left for Kasol at 5 pm. on 21st of October by booking a bus to Bhunter where we reached precisely at 7 in the morning. Taking a whole day isn’t much of a choice but if given time to plan, always drive down to Kasol and this road trip would not disappoint friends seeking for time away from noise and loud city. Still, bus isn’t a bad choice either. It worked for a sleepy head like me.
Further ahead of Bhunter we hopped onto a local bus to Kasol which is approx 30 km apart and it took 1.5 hours for us to step down in Kasol.
We hadn’t had any rooms booked, granted our hastened planned trip and still it proved to be a no problem situation. It is very convenient to dig in for accommodation in Kasol. Luckily, we found one as cheap as Rs. 700 per day room facility let out by a family which is very much usual in this tourist spot. A pretty place to crash along with free tea and such a fresh view to wake up to and amusing groupie band music on the side. Kasol’s mode of impressing tourists had begun.
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No longer than tossing the bags in a corner and hogging steamy ginger tea did we leave to hunt for some breakfast. Just a few blocks away was an Israeli restaurant where we ordered Israeli breakfast and it just savored our taste buds exotically.
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Next was the most famous site, Manikaran to visit and its only 45 mins. away so you can actually walk without any trouble while seeping in the most of the mountain view and fresh chilly weather surrounding you.
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Its a pilgrimage center for Sikh and Hindu, located in the Parvati valley on river Parvati in Kullu district. Manikaran boasts its awe inspiring climate and glorious gurudwara on the sides of steaming hot water springs. Its a sight to witness in one’s lifetime. Its a spot you can run all around in no more than 2 hours.
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Have a habit of keep walking around, it helps you explore more and have a profound insight in local culture. As I strolled around local streets and stalls I observed this place is no fish market but a peaceful place to calm your mind; nobody interfering, only hush mountains and serene greenery to put you at peace.
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Asking locals, got to know about Kheer Ganga trek said to be 6 km afar and takes around 8 hours to and fro for trekking so we planned it for the day next. Further ahead, Manala trek is what was planned but again, time constraint led us back to Kasol riverside. Manala trek, a place rich in marijuana and weed, filled with people of fun. What makes Manala special is one more feature that it doesn’t fall under any government or jurisdiction.
Seriously, there’s a lot you can gather from locals and its much more convincing and fun to listen to people’s experience of a site than to search it online and make decisions. Anyhow, we couldn’t visit it either due to the falling night and our requirement of much needed rest. We just roamed around the riversides in Kasol near our room and ate local cuisine in shops nearby.
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As the night fell upon us, we were in our rooms cheering to chilled cold beers and enjoying soothing music from our neighbor’s guitars and sounds.
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Next morning and a fresh new day to plan. Started out with breakfast at a local food joint followed by locals interaction.
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Our decision rested on Kullu and so we began riding the road to Kullu which is around 37 kms far and take about 1.5 hours by local bus with beautiful scenery on the way.
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Reaching there, I can assure not a pretty place for crowd averse personalities for it was a fair all around, full of people and stalls but the weather is something that can just make up for everything, it lets you forget what’s surrounding you and makes you fall in love with your own self and brings the best out of everything. This fair is so full of hippie stuff and colourful scraps, a place to buy all souvenirs for your friends, it has everything you can ask for and all eye candy.
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As we bought all the stuff we liked, we hopped onto the bus for Bhunter, only 20 mins away.
We had all our tummy filled with lunch, a small trek to Bhunter, riversides and mountain views filled our souls with serenity and tranquility.
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Being so close to nature never let you realize how time flies away. It was 7 pm. and time for us to catch our bus once again but this time to home, Delhi where this weather and calmness, peaceful people will be far away to be felt true. But then again, I’ll visit Kasol again and that will be more than just 2 mere days.

Content writer & editor: Priti Dubey
Travel companion: Mayank Agarwal

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