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Few months back a friend of mine invited me to a event called “flow funktion”. It was a poi (performing arts) event where artist swing tethered weights through a variety of rhythmical and geometric patterns. It can be amalgamated with various effects too.

DSC07904 DSC07905

DSC07910 DSC07916

For me surprising part was that effect portion was fire(fire spinning).
Fire poi use wicks for the weighted ends (often made using kevlar). The bottom flap of the wick is sewn with Kevlar thread, which ensures the wick has a longer life. The wicks are soaked in fuel, set on fire, and then spun for dramatic effect.

DSC07938 DSC07951 DSC07957
Benefits of Poi: Poi is a physical activity that draws upon the key components of fitness and is highly customizable. Physically active lifestyles have been proven to reduce risk factors and improve functioning and quality of life in the elderly. Intrinsically playful, poi as a form of play is proven to have a vital role in keeping the mind and body young by presenting novel situations which foster cognitive innovation, adaptability, and flexibility; which in turn improves reflexes, memory, processing speeds, etc. Physical, mental and emotional benefits are derived from the rhythm of poi as an active music therapy.
We all practiced for few hours till we waited sun to set for the real show. It was really a different exercise where you relax your mind and body both physically as well as mentally.

DSC07960 DSC07963 DSC07966

DSC07977 DSC07969

Luckily I was carrying my camera that day, enabled me to take few shots as well as footage. I compiled it so that people can witness one of many performance art available to you nearby where you can really invest your weekends to get away from tiring job to refresh yourself.
You can follow this group at:
PS: I was carrying camera with max of 25 FPS recording. Still I tried my best as long as message is delivered.
Music by: Sebastian Watzinger

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