R&D: Houdini 13: Wax melting & cooling effect R&D driven by heat source
A R&D to achieve a wax melt effect driven by heat source and cools off. Viscosity is mapped on color attribute with ramp. Done in Houdini 13.
A simple clay shader has been applied for a quick low res render.

R&D: [Houdini] SDF based collision using custom VOP
The default collision parameter inside particles sometimes cause leakage in geometry, irrespective of compactness. This is a WIP to achieve effects like disintegration, smoke and debris created by bullet hit. Goal is to create a standard asset with custom VOP using SDF of input geometry so that there is zero tolerance to leakage of particles in geometry. Its working fine and particles are deflected and slides away from geometry.

R&D: Houdini Procedural Rock Digital Asset
I created this rock digital asset in Houdini while working on a project that require rock of random shapes and sizes. Its total procedural. The texture is just a simple texture file applied in mantra surface shader. Proper procedural shader for rock is WIP.

R&D: Houdini :Smoke Ball with custom SOP solver to control puff shape
A quick viewport render of smoke ball. This R&D is focused on getting custom shape of smoke puff controlled by custom SOP solvers & minute details on edges to accomplish the look of real pyro blast.
Working on low end laptop so render not possible but will upload an updated video with couple of frame renders with different puff shapes with switches.

R&D: Houdini: Cake hit & splash R&D
Trying to achieve the effect of cake hit and splash by a dense object in Houdini. It still a WIP. For collision its simple RBD and some custom SOP solver with cloth sim.

R&D: Houdini dust/smoke shape behavior
A simple simulation test to achieve effect of real dust and smoke shape behavior while concrete blast at construction site.
Only viewport render.

Houdini R&D: Construction Mortar
This is R&D to simulate falling construction mortar over any rigid body to match exact behavior of real world.
I am controlling fluid viscosity behavior with custom VOP in dopnet. This is a low res render with only 1 million particles due to my system limitation.
House Model Source: Internet.

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