3D Advert for Sacha Cosmetics
Sacha approched to create a compelling advert for digital platform for their buttercup powder.

Houdini pyro and particle advection
A little render experiment in Houdini with mantra and houdini

Vein growth (Houdini + Redshift)
A little experiment in Houdini to grow veins on any geometry from point A to point B.
It was rendered using Redshift that is amazingly fast. Although mantra has more control over redshift as redshift has yet to incorporate curve and point rendering (that can be done by instancing though) etc.
Full HD frame render with only env light on:
Redshift: 2 mins
Mantra: 9 minutes

Angioplasty – Medical animation
Little personal project I did in my free time. Its still in WIP mode as I am yet to fix flickers, add details, proper texturing and add wet map later on.
I was approached by client to create a detailed medical animation video to show the process of angioplasty and their product 3V Siris (stent) for internal training purpose. All aspect of project from pre-visualization, reference gathering, storyboarding to final render was delivered by us in 4 weeks.
Houdini was primarily used for modelling and animation while mantra for render. Nuke was used for compositing and CC.
Client: s3vvascular.com/

Rapid River Simulation: Houdini
Little personal project I did in my free time. Its still in WIP mode as I am yet to fix flickers, add details, proper texturing and add wet map later on.
Overall simulation: ~14-16 hours
Render time (640×360 || 300 frames) : ~ 8 days (30 minutes / frame)
Space used: 300GB
Machine Specs:
i5 | 12GB | ATI 6700M 2GB

Heart Animation
I was approached by my client to do a medical animation video which had 8 shots. This video was to show stent placement during plaque growth. Plaque hinders normal functionality of heart.
This was the first and opening shot. For animation, I used FEM in Houdini over manual animation to get organic and photo realistic effect. Rendered in Mantra, textured in Mari & compositing done in Nuke.

Logo Ident
Commissioned Project for intro

This is my masters project done at NCCA Bournemouth University.
Duration: 11 weeks Softwares used: SideFX Houdini(Modelling & Effects), The Foundry’s Nuke(Compositing), The Foundry’s Mari(Texturing), PFTrack(Matchmoving).

My term 3 project at NCCA.
Bournemouth University to show a specific digital effects technique.
Technique: Fluids transformation using flip fluids in houdini.
Software used: Side Effect’s Houdini & Foundry’s Nuke

Masters group project done by me alongwith three other members at NCCA Bournemouth University.
I did modelling of Taj Mahal and Petra Jordan.
In the video the unfolding and effects of taj mahal is done by me.
SOFTWARES USED: Houdini and Nuke.

Underwater scene created for my first term masters project at Bournemouth University (NCCA)
Modelling: Houdini
Compositing: Nuke
Camera: Canon 5D mark-2 , Panasonic AG-AF100

This is a personal project done to enhance my Rotoscope, Camera Projection & Compositing skills. Goal was to create a surreal landscape fantasy scene from my terrace view. It took couple of weeks to finish this project. I kept duration short because of my low end laptop and put my concentration on polishing my roto & 2d/3d camera projection skills in Nuke. Little matte painting is done in photohop.
Software: Nuke & Photoshop
Duration: 2 weeks

All aspects modelling, rigging, animation, effects, lighting, texture and compositing was done by me.
For fluid effects I used Flip fluids of Houdini 12.1 including other effects. Compositing was done in Nuke.

This video shows the responsibilities I took for my group project at NCCA as breakdown.
For group project, my contribution were:
1) Modelled Petra Jordan and Taj Mahal
2) Procedural animation of Taj Mahal and compound unfolding effect and water animation.
3) Look dev on delivered texture from my group member .

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